Aotea incorporates Fuchite & Kyanite in a Quartz Matrix, Little is known about Aotea Stone to this day, occurring only in a very small area just north of Haast, this is the only area in the world where Fuchite and Kyanite are found together. Aotea carries a very feminine energy. Fuchsite is the colour green due to the presence of Chromium. And Kyanite is one of the minerals in the mineral kingdom which never needs cleaning or clearing. It will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. Please contact us regarding any piece that you would like to purchase before clicking on the buy now option, as our pieces are unique and one-off, we need to check stock availability first.
  • Aotea Carvings on Plaited Cord
    Comes set on either 3 or 4 ply plaited cord with toggle suspension made to customer length. Can also be set on Sterling Silver. Ying Yang symbolises balance in the universe.
  • Aotea Carvings on Sterling Silver
    Comes set on Sterling Silver chain either 40, 45 or 50cm long. Can also be set on plaited cord. Koru - is derived from the native NZ fern frond. In Maori culture, it signifies new beginnings, new life, growth and harmony.
  • Aotea Earrings
    Aotea Earrings can come set on a variety of different earring hooks, in Sterling Silver or Gold
  • Aotea Pendants on Sterling Silver or Plaited Cord
    Comes set on Sterling Silver chain at lengths of 40,45 or 50cm. Can also be set on plaited cord. Aotea Disc (Kopae) represents eternity, continuity and togetherness.
  • Aotea Traditional Toki
    Traditionally bound with either 3 or 4 ply plaited cord with toggle suspension, made to customer length. Hei Toki - is the traditional Maori adze, originally used for carving wood, it symbolises strength, determination and authority.
  • Other Aotea Products
    Aotea Bowl, great for holding special crystals or jewellery or just as a display peice. Aotea is a great stone for these purposes as it is self cleansing.

Please note - there is a large percentage of imported chinese stock on our NZ marketplace (up to 80% of all jade you will see on shelves).  This stock is mass produced in China often using child labour.  Please be aware of this when purchasing products throughout NZ and ask where the product comes from.  If they cannot tell you the origin it is more than likely imported product.  Our philosophy is that if the stone is not from NZ we do not work it, and we also do not mass produce any items, as we believe this is not in keeping with the spirit of the stone and NZ.    All of our products come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Support NZ artists and buy NZ Made.

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